Things I Eat

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Ever since I was a kid I've had a love for food, making, building and cooking for my friends and family. I previously would save recipes on Pinterest, take photos or cookbooks or print out recipes, but everything was so scattered. I also enjoy creating my own recipes and modifying the recipes I use to my liking. I started 'Things I Eat' to document my favorite creations for myself and to share with family/friends.

Every time I try a new recipe, I document the process with photos and recipe notes. I then edit the photos and upload a new post to the site a few times a week. I enjoy every part of running this site, from the cooking itself, to the food styling, photography, photo editing, content curation, web design and recipe documentation. Even though my initial intention was to organize my recipes, it has grown into a resource for my friends and family to try simple an easy recipes they can make on weeknights or fun desserts to impress.