Clinical Trial Matching iOS App

A multidisciplinary team of engineers, data curators and designers at Genospace built the Clinical Trial Matching iOS app with the goal of creating a phone application that allows doctors a fast and easy way to view clinical trials for which their patients are eligible.

In the main feed, they get a quick overview of the "match quality" represented in 5 colored circles. They can also see the trial name, current trial phase, trial arms, open slots remaining and when the match came into their feed.

Once the doctor clicks on a match, they are brought to a detailed view. They can read in depth about their patient and about the clinical trial in which they've been matched. The trial information will not only include basic summaries and logistics, but also show specifically which inclusion criteria the patient has matched, helping the doctor to determine whether to refer the patient for that trial.

The app resembles an email inbox, so the user can quickly become accustomed to the functionality. The on-boarding process lays out the features of the app and how it works in a few simple screens. 

iPhone6 - Front Black - by JustD.png

The doctor will receive an alert of any new matches as they come in, no patient information details are displayed until the doctor has signed in using touch ID. 


Quick actionability from the newsfeed allows the doctor to refer the patient to a trial, snooze the match and be reminded at a later time, or dismiss the match with just one swipe. 

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