A package graphic design for trail mix targeted at a range of social groups. Shopping for these items will make you question how you label yourself and ultimately show that social groups are intangible, since they are all filled with the same content. 

Spring 2014 / Social Geographies Final Project / RISD

When shopping, especially at a grocery store, you seek out which product is most appealing for you. Sometimes this is caused by price, flavor, size, package, brand, etc, but in this case a customer will choose their product based on the social groups they identify with. 


I have designed a line of package graphics for your everyday trail mix, I took the most basic mix from the local Whole Foods, which contains roasted almonds, roasted cashews and dried cranberries. Each container is marketed towards a different social group such as: soccer moms, apple farmers, algebra tutors, jeep owners, fashion bloggers, etc. At first glance the shoppers might assume that the contents is specific to that group, but after a closer look they will realize that every container has the same nut mix.