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I have always been a foodie at heart, creating recipes, trying new foods and cooking for people is in my nature. As a young adult, my love for food exploded when I was trying new recipes several times a week and even started my own food blog. After about 2 years, my kitchen was fully stocked with every spice I could ever need, 6 types of flour, 10 types of nuts and too many supplements. I regularly restocked items like almonds, cashews and coconut flakes, but things like spirulina sat around for months, since I bought it for this one smoothie bowl I made.

I quickly became known as the ‘foodie’ among my friends and family, so every time I visited home or people stayed with me I would either test out a new recipe on them or make them one of my classics. When my sister was visiting I made her an ‘oreo’ smoothie bowl made with cocoa nibs, coconut sugar, bananas and coconut cubes. She was in awe of how scrumptious it was, especially since historically she wasn’t a fan of coconut. Isabella asked me for the recipe, but she had no idea where to find cocoa nibs or coconut sugar… or even what those things were. I wanted to pack her a ziplock bag with a enough ingredients to make a few bowls since I knew she would never invest the time to buy these ingredients herself… and that is how Frös came to life.

One thing lead to another and I wanted to package all of my nice cream and smoothie bowl recipes to be ready-to-blend. You’ll cut down on waste by getting exactly as much as you are going to use. Enjoy delicious vegan superfood “ice cream” in a minute from produce frozen in it’s prime ripeness.  Best of all, the creaminess in Frös Nice Cream is either plain bananas or soaked cashews-can’t get any more raw than that!


Each package will come with a variety of frozen fruit and flavor cubes made of fruit, plant-based milk or other plant products.

  • Bananas are pressed into cube molds by themselves or with cocoa nibs, coconut flakes frozen to them.

  • Coconut milk is frozen in cube molds with cocoa powder and coconut sugar mixed in to create the ‘coco cube’

  • Mango, papaya or pineapple is pureed at it’s prime ripeness and pureed is frozen in cube molds for pure fruit cubes.

  • Figs and cherries are placed into cube molds, then coconut milk is poured in to fill the space and freeze the fruit into a cube shape.

Each cube is easily identifiable & you can see every ingredient that goes into your ice cream. Throw them in a blender or food processor for creamy goodness.

Ice cream cubes - 100% plant product

Recipe testing for consistency and creaminess.