Mousetrap Car


Build a car/vehicle powered by one mousetrap without altering it. The car must go a distance of at least 5 feet, and can compete in 4 categories: Distance, Speed, Style and Innovation.

When this project was assigned, I knew that I wanted to make a car the encloses the mousetrap, and becomes more of a visually pleasing toy car, while still traveling at least the minimum distance of 5 feet. I quickly decided on this type of car, because of its higher ceiling, allowing for the arm of the mousetrap to travel its full radius within the shell. 

I took the proportions from an older Toyota model, and designed the rest on Adobe Illustrator. I then printed out the peices, an glued them onto the wood. Using a band saw, coping saw and a drummel, I carved out these wooden peices and assembled them with wood glue and small tacks. I built the bottom seperatly, allowing for the user to easily wind up the mouse trap. 



Basswood, mousetrap, copper rod, aluminum tubing, toy wheels, fishing line, hinges and other small hardware.