Autism Speaks Community Portal

Genospace built a community portal for Autism Speaks families that have participated in gene sequencing. These families have genetic data but have no way to make use with it, so we built a portal where families can read more about their gene mutations and learn about genes that are commonly associated with autism. They can also discover and connect with other families who have similar gene mutations and share stories through the portal's messaging system. Families can also take part in public discussions about autism related topics. 


We started with the need for showing the families their gene info, then it evolved into a  social community portal. I worked together with the Genospace product team to create workflows, then created mockups on my own. I worked together with our project manager to iterate the designs with the customer and to update them on the project progress on a weekly basis. 


After the designs were finalized I did user testing before building the portal. I created spec documents and annotations to hand of to engineering and collaborated  to work through edge cases and design details. After the initial release of the portal was built, I tested the live site with families for feedback.