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Food Blog and Recipe Development         @annekaeats 

I've always had a love for cooking and food. After studying environmental studies as my minor at RISD, I became far more aware of the problems in modern food consumption, such as the number of miles food is shipped and the amount of pesticides it takes to keep perishables fresh  longer than they're meant to be.

I changed my cooking and grocery shopping habits to go with the seasons. I buy seasonal ingredients, local vegetables, free range eggs, etc. My passion for this topic grew and grew so I decides to start my own online presence for what I was making in the kitchen (plus my friends and family are always begging me for my recipes). 

Anneka Eats the website is regularly updated with new recipes, while the instagram account shows the process for those meals as well as the final outcome. I have partnered with companies such as Bob's Red Mill, Whole Foods Market, Further Foods and more to develope recipes and create sponsored posts. 


Photography and Recipe Development

I gather inspiration for new recipes by walking through the farmers market, eating at creative restaurants and simply from the seasons. I have a sketchbook devoted to recipe ideas that come to mind, I sketch them out, make a list of ingredients and get cooking!

I style the dishes and photograph the meal, the process and the ingredients with a Canon and edit the photographs using VSCO.


Logo / Branding

Anneka Eats is the food I make by hand, so the logo also had to be handmade. I went through pages and pages of hand drawn logos using a range of markers and brushes. I scanned them all and landed on the final design using Adobe Illustrator.

Fresh, simple and creative are all attributes I want to achieve with my brand. The tone of voice is always personable and the recipes are always made up of simple ingredients. The photos often have a clean, light background and feature food with pops of color. 



Social Media and Website

Instagram is where I share my process, recipe development, inspiration and final products. The social media platform has been a place where I find inspiration and connect with others in the food community to further influence my recipe development. I get quick feedback on my recipes from followers, for example, I posted a recipe for spinach crepes & within the next few days I had lots of messages and comments asking for a video tutorial. Giving an inside look of how my recipes come to be has proven extremely successful in building a brand and creating a community. Instagram is a place where I can make my food and recipes more personable and engage with my followers. A screenshot of the profile is shown to the right.


My website is a library for all of my recipes and a feed for my latest creations. The recipes are written out in great detail and sometime feature multiple images. You can search, filter and find recipes through categories. 

The website was designed so that users can just right into my latest posts if they don't have a specific topic they are looking for. On the other hand, if the website visitor is looking for a taco recipe, the top navigation is broken up by meals & the sub navigation is the entree type. If they are looking for an ingredient or something more specific, there is a search bar easily accessible at all times. I never wanted the user to feel lost or stuck, so providing these resources at all times was very important. A screenshot of the website is shown below.